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Six NFL Teams Rank Amongst Most Valuable Franchises

The Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and New England Patriots form three of the six NFL teams amongst the top 10 most valuable franchises in sports, according to Forbes.

As one might suspect, the list includes plenty of soccer teams, the Yankees, and the NFL.

# Team Value
1. Manchester United $1.86 billion
2. Dallas Cowboys $1.81 billion
3. New York Yankees $1.7 billion
4. Washington Redskins $1.55 billion
5. Real Madrid $1.45 billion
6. New England Patriots $1.37 billion
7. Arsenal $1.19 billion
8. New York Giants $1.18 billion
9. Houston Texans $1.17 billion
10. New York Jets $1.14 billion

Dallas remains at the top of the NFL heap and as rapper Rick Ross says in “Ima Boss,” we would all like to have “Jerry Jones money.”

The only mild surprise only the list would have to be the Texans, but then again Robert McNair has a net worth of $1.4 billion.

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  1. Incredibly, they’ve sold out every home game for the past nine seasons. Considering their franchise has never been in a playoff game, that is remarkable.

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