Bart Scott

Bart Scott Says NFL “Wimping Out” And Making Football “Soft”

Never one to mince words, New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott says the possible disappearance of two-a-day practices in NFL training camps is a sign that the league is “wimping out” and that it would potentially make football “soft.”

His comments stem from word that the league is considering dumping two-a-day sessions as a nod to player safety.

Scott told the Newark-Star Ledger there is no reason for the league to loosen up practice regulations:

I get concerned you’re making football players weaker because you don’t push them past that threshold. … I get concerned with the same thing with the quarterback stuff, that they turn it into flag football; they turn it into little pansy stuff.

As he delved further into the topic, Scott touched on an important point that will be an issue once the players return.

A move to fewer reps in practice is not likely to aid the overall quality of the sport.

Even if you put those reps into the front of practice, what’s the quality going to be? Eventually that cuts down on the quality of the product, (when) we’re already behind. Now you’re trying to go full-speed running, when you’re absolutely dog tired, and that’s when you get pulls and stuff like that.

Amen Bart.

I think people are missing the point somewhat with player safety. Workout programs and the overall size of the players contribute to concussions.

Reducing practice reps may help in that setting but when gameday rolls around, the same issues will be persistent.

Defender A is not going to allow Offensive Player A to run wild without some sort of physical retribution in return.

Concussions just happen. Predicting when these mind-numbing hits will occur is impossible.

A move to reduced practice sessions still will not solve concussions, which at this point can only be significantly addressed through equipment changes.

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