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Tarvaris Jackson Is The Top Google Search Item In America

How much did fans miss the NFL?

According to this Google snapshot taken on Tuesday night, the NFL’s first day of business for the upcoming season led to one of the day’s most stunning moments.

This evening, Tarvaris Jackson was the hottest search item in the United States as of 11:34 p.m. eastern time.

Even though nine of the top 10 featured NFL related items, Jackson stood alone.

That’s right, the same T-Jack whose mediocre play helped usher in the Brett Favre era in Minnesota.

Why would America care so much about Jackson?

The free agent quarterback is rumored to be on his way to play for the Seattle Seahawks, which will possibly have a trickledown effect on other quarterbacks.

America has got a fever and the only prescription is Tarvaris Jackson (and of course, the NFL).

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