Brett Favre

Brett Favre Watch: It’s Over.

I am going to turn off the Brett Favre bat signal.

He’s finished.

Yes, he has tricked us before.

Yes, he is not exactly a man of his word.

Yet, his comments to a Buffalo radio station on Thursday are the words of a man who appears to finished with the NFL after 20 seasons.

“I don’t have that feeling, that chip on my shoulder. I mean, I could easily talk myself into that chip on my shoulder like, ‘Hey everybody hates you,’ … I could motivate myself.”

While his former head coach Brad Childress feels a bit differently (sort of), I don’t.

If Favre wasn’t last seen in a prominent manner in the NFL lying face first on the University of Minnesota’s turf and sporting a purple hand, I might feel differently.

Favre lost his consecutive games played streak last season and most importantly, his ability to be a consistent, contributing performer at the league’s highest profile position.

One of these days, his words will actually mean something. I think that time is finally here.

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