Chad Ochocinco

Chad Ochocinco Disagrees With His Dad Over Fine

Last Thursday night, Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco was baptized by Tampa Bay linebacker Mason Foster during New England’s 31-14 drubbing of the Bucs.

As a result, Roger Goodell fined Foster $20,000 for an illegal hit on Ochocinco.

Disappointed by Foster’s penalty, Ochocinco kindly told “dad” that he plans to pay Foster’s fine.!/ochocinco/status/106462041644089345

This is a rather noble gesture by Ochocinco and further proves his toughness and willingness to go over the middle.

Somehow, I have a feeling Foster will quietly receive a rather sizable donation to his bank account down the line from the New England receiver.

Chad, just make sure not to tell dad when you plan on doing it.

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