Bill Belichick Rains F-Bombs On Derrick Mason

Last night during A Football Life on the career of Bill Belichick, we learned some important things:

1. Bill Parcells would smoke multiple cigarettes immediately following racquetball after normally losing to Belichick at the Meadowlands court.

2. Belichick’s favorite opposing player ever is seemingly Ed Reed. He sounded like he wanted to adopt him.

3. Belichick wore jeans and sneakers while playing golf. To the normal human, that would be an outrage.

4. You can see why Belichick ends up doing a lot of things himself from a coaching perspective. The ’09 coaching staff didn’t exactly set his world on fire.

5. Lastly, Belichick is not a fan of Derrick Mason.

The latter was viewed last night during an ’09 regular season game between the Pats and Ravens. Mason, who is now with the Jets, decided to talk some trash after making a catch during Baltimore’s 27-21 loss to the Pats.

He made the mistake of directing his talking in Belichick’s direction, who promptly told him to keep quiet and keep his eyes on the scoreboard.

Oh that crazy Bill.

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