Cleveland Browns

Steelers Fan (And Minority Owner) Jimmy Haslam Is Buying The Cleveland Browns

Once again, the city of Cleveland could be in for another sports rude awakening with today’s sale of the Browns to Jimmy Haslam III for $1 billion.

Haslam, president and CEO of Pilot Flying J, is also bringing in a management team that will include ex-Eagles team president Joe Banner.

One bit of remaining business for Haslam will be selling his minority ownership stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Yes, an avid Steelers fan and minority owner of the team is now in control of the Cleveland Browns, one of the Pittsburgh’s longtime foes.

Money is money no matter where it comes from in the world of NFL ownership but I don’t think Browns fans will rejoice in the streets of Cleveland knowing a devout Steelers fan is signing the checks.

Would Lakers fans be ok with Bill Simmons buying the Lakers? Hell no.

However, if the money is right…you know the drill.

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