Philadelphia Eagles

JMRA Proudly Presents: Dynasty Tracker Featuring The Philadelphia Eagles

Recently, I had a chance to speak with the editors at Joe Montana’s Right Arm to discuss ways to improve the blog.***

The message was simple. They want more original content.

Ok, I can do that.

What else?

It was also suggested that I go on the road and get my hands dirty with the American public.


Ultimately, it was decided that I would take to the road throughout the Eagles season to sample local flavor and go into stalker mode by casually taking pictures of  people while they are not looking to post on the blog.

While this threatens to harm my monthly credit card bill, it makes sense.

If the Eagles are in the middle of building a dynasty, someone should be there to get a fan’s opinion, right?

So, throughout the 2012 season, we are heading out to different venues in the Delaware Valley to watch Eagles games and eventually turn said visit into a spiffy post.

You’ve been warned.

***If the interpretation of an editor is “friends who share adult beverages with you”, then yes, I have editors.¬†

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