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Mike Francesa Applies Ether To The Mets Organization

We normally don’t delve into anything baseball-related unless it somehow directly impacts the Phillies, who decided to take 2012 off, but after this afternoon’s epic rant by New York sports-talk radio legend Mike Francesa, it was time to make an exception.

Tired of the New York Mets and their floundering ways post-All-Star break which culminated with a four-game sweep courtesy of the dreadful Colorado Rockies on Thursday, Francesa gave it to the Mets in a rant that would have made his ex-partner Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo quite proud.

Whenever Francesa is screaming to the point where his voice cracks and is referencing Cleon Jones and the deposed “Generation K” in the process, it calls for attention.

I’m not sure if this is the greatest sports-talk radio rant of all-time. However, this 10-minute tour de force is in the discussion.

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