New Orleans Saints

Roger Goodell Is Banned From Miami BBQ Joint

Suspended New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma sure knows how to carry a grudge.

Along with Jon Beason and D.J. Williams, Vilma co-owns Brother Jimmy BBQ in Miami. According to the USA Todaythe establishment posted a sign throughout the restaurant imploring employees not to serve NFL boss Roger Goodell.

Vilma, who is serving a year-long suspension for his role in the Saints bounty program, has been outspoken about his displeasure over the issued discipline.

If I’m Goodell, I’m boarding the first flight to Miami, walking into Brother Jimmy BBQ, commandeering a table, and ordering the left side of the menu – twice.

Then, I’d take a bunch photos with my iPhone with cold beer and BBQ in hand, post them to Twitter and tag Vilma on all of them.

Also, I’d Instagram all of the photos with the “lo-fi” filter, displaying a comment that reads “come at me, dog.”

Call his bluff Uncle Roger.

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