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The Greatest Horror Movie Of All-Time

Happy Halloween!

Before your teeth fall out due to eating too many Tootsie Rolls, I’m here to share vital information with you.

I don’t really delve into movies on the blog much but I have a suggestion.

Sleepaway Camp will change the way you feel about horror movies.

It features some of the most unique death sequences in movie history. When was the last time you saw someone get done in by a hot curling iron?


Most importantly, it features the greatest (and most unsettling) finish in film history.

The closing sequence will sit with you, perhaps even for a few years. I’m still disturbed by it.

Forget Rocky, Jerry Maguire, and Scarface, THIS had an ending (which is totally NSFW.

Look, it’s not an Academy Award winner. Quite frankly, it’s an awful movie that features acting that set back Hollywood to the silent era.

However, the brutal acting adds to the ending.

If only it was available to watch on You Tube………oh wait, it is.

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