Philadelphia Eagles

Adultery Site Thinks Philadelphia Sleeps Around Because Their Teams Stink

EaglesReid, a website that gives people a chance to cheat on their spouses, recently released its list of the most adulterous cities in the United States.

Philadelphia finished eighth, seven spots behind top-ranked Washington.

AshleyMadison CEO Noel Biderman offered a piece of unusual logic about Philadelphia’s entry into the top 10.

“After a trying year with its professional sports franchises, it is not surprising to see Philly surge up the ranks of American infidelity.”

While the Sixers and Flyers reached the postseason last year, the city’s two bellwether teams (Eagles and Phillies) suffered extremely disappointing seasons but failed to miss the playoffs.

If Biderman’s theory holds any water, look out Washington. Philadelphia is in big trouble in 2013. The Sixers, Flyers, Eagles, and Phillies may all miss the playoffs.

In that event, Philadelphia may actually beat Boston in something meaningful again.

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