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The Best & Worst Of The 2013 NFL Schedule


Blogging about football seems incredibly shallow in light of this week’s events in Boston but with the suspects in Beantown’s backpocket, it’s time to get back to business.

Thursday marked the arrival of the 2013 NFL schedule and as per usual, there are some real potential rhubarbs (sorry, just saw 42) on the slate.

Here is a look at the best and worst of the 2013 season:


BEST: PACKERS AT 49ERS – Green Bay lost to San Francisco at Lambeau to open the 2012 season and at the ‘Stick in divisional playoffs. Can Aaron Rodgers and the Packers make a stand against the defending NFC champs?

WEEK 2: 

BEST: BRONCOS AT GIANTS – Manning Bowl III becomes the first of its kind not to land on Sunday Night Football in a mild surprise. Don’t worry though kids. Jim Nantz will preside over the latest installment of the Manning Bowl.

WEEK 3: 

WORST: CHIEFS AT EAGLES – Of course, this is a Thursday night game. The only part of any relevance is the beginning and end of the game when Philly fans boo Andy Reid out of the Linc.

WEEK 4: 

BEST: PATRIOTS AT FALCONS – The Patriots get a taste of one of the NFC’s better teams in the Georgia Dome. It’s a Boston deity (Brady) facing off against a Boston College product (Ryan).

WEEK 5: 

WORST: BILLS AT BROWNS – Seriously, why did someone at NFL Network take on this game? This is a CBS/Sunday afternoon Z-game special.

WEEK 6: 

BEST: SAINTS AT PATRIOTS – Duck for cover secondaries. Brees vs. Brady.

WEEK 7: 

BEST: BRONCOS AT COLTS – I don’t think Denver will re-enact the Eagles/Cowboys fake knee play but I clearly expect to see Peyton attempt to eviscerate the Colts.

WEEK 8: 

WORST: BROWNS AT CHIEFS – Simulate snoring sound.

WORST: 49ERS AT JAGUARS – Still simulating snoring sound. At least the 49ers will clobber the Jags. So, there is that.


WORST: EAGLES AT RAIDERS – Whenever these two teams get together, it’s an awful game. Google or You Tube it.

WEEK 10:

WORST: BILLS AT STEELERS – This is has 20-6 written all over it. Let’s hope Kevin Kolb isn’t under center for this one.

WEEK 11: 

BEST: 49ERS AT SAINTS – The 49ers return to the scene of one of the franchise’s most disappointing losses in recent memory – Super Bowl XLVII.

WEEK 12: 

BEST: BRONCOS AT PATRIOTS – The revenge of Wes Welker takes place in November in Foxborough on Sunday Night Football. Oh, those two guys at quarterback get together again.

WEEK 13: 

BEST: GIANTS AT REDSKINS – It took awhile but this rivalry finally has some teeth again thanks to Eli and RGIII.

WORST: STEELERS AT RAVENS – Nothing says sleepy time like turkey and a potential 13-10 Ravens/Steelers tilt on Thanksgiving night.

WEEK 14: 

BEST:  SEAHAWKS AT 49ERS – I’m all in on the NFC West this year. Kaep vs. Russell Wilson…Round II.

WEEK 15: 

BEST: SEAHAWKS AT GIANTS – If Pete Carroll calls for a fake punt up 20, I’d be fine with that.

WEEK 16: 

BEST: FALCONS AT 49ERS – The NFC title game rematch is on the Monday Night Football slate? Good for you, ESPN.

WORST: BROWNS AT JETS – Oh man. That game will not be for a wild card spot.

WEEK 17: 

BEST: REDSKINS AT GIANTS – Cross your fingers that this game is meaningful and gets flexed to Sunday Night Football.

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