Dallas Cowboys

Things That JMRA Likes – #91: Dallas Comes Up Short…Twice

June marks the fifth anniversary of Joe Montana’s Right Arm.

In order to celebrate, we’re going to salute many of the things that helped shaped my enjoyment of football over the years.

Our opener will be a doozy from 1995.

The eventual Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys rolled into Philadelphia in December of ’95 to further solidify their positioning for home-field advantage against the Eagles.

However, coming off of a loss to the lowly Washington Redskins, Dallas was in need of momentum.

After a 65-yard Larry Brown interception return for a touchdown, Dallas led 17-6 heading into halftime. Entering the second half, it appeared the Cowboys were in position to salt away the game. Yet, an Emmitt Smith fumble deep in Philly territory opened the door for the Eagles.

With the game tied at 17 with just over two minutes left, Dallas ran into a wall at their own 29. Shockingly, the Cowboys opted for an Emmitt Smith run on 4th and inches, 0nly to come up short.

After Veterans Stadium went into a frenzy, officials got together and decided the two-minute warning happened before the play.

Undeterred, Barry Switzer and the Cowboys decided to go for it one more time…and failed again.

“Load Left” failed twice and moments later, the Eagles went on to win 20-17.

Incredibly, Switzer survived the media criticism (including a scathing in-game review from John Madden) and helped the Cowboys earn the franchise’s fifth Lombardi Trophy weeks later.

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