Denver Broncos

AFC Title Game Is Backdrop For Brady/Manning XV


Incredibly, for only the fourth time in their careers, Peyton Manning will meet Tom Brady in the playoffs.

This time, a berth in Super Bowl XLVIII will be at stake when the Broncos host New England next Sunday at 3 p.m. in Denver.

There will be plenty of time to write about the latest installment of the Brady/Manning clash.

However, a few quick hitters to whet the appetite:

  1. Obviously, the narrative will be Manning’s place in history and the fact that he struggles in the postseason.
  2. Also, the media will try to turn this game into some sort of bogus “the winner is the best quarterback of this generation” storyline.
  3. The Broncos, who are already 6.5 point favorites, will be expected to win and will obviously shoulder a great deal of pressure considering the game is in their building.
  4. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski played in the last game in November. Broncos tight end Julius Thomas did not. The roles will be reversed on Sunday.
  5. To me, Brady has a free pass in this game unless he stinks up the joint. He doesn’t have the better team, period. If he wins though…no Peyton supporter can talk again about how 18 is better than 12. Nope, end of discussion.

This is only the beginning but it should be a great week of football talk coming up.

Patriots at Broncos will be followed by the Niners visiting Seattle on Sunday. This could be the best championship weekend we’ve seen in quite sometime.

Can’t wait.


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