San Francisco 49ers

Seahawks To Host Super Bowl XLVIII Champion 49ers In NFC Title Game


Prior to San Francisco and Seattle getting together for the NFC Championship Game in what might be “the hardest hitting game of all-time,” an early preview has leaked on potential Super Bowl XLVIII merchandise for the 49ers. 

An ESPN affiliate in Seattle got a hold of a 49ers Super Bowl XLVIII Champions jacket and posted a picture of it on Twitter.

Potentially, that might add just a bit more extra motivation for the Seahawks, who will try to reach the Super Bowl for just the second time in franchise history.  

Before people in Seattle go crazy over this, these things have to be made in advance because of the demand once said event actually goes down. 

I’m sure someone has a Seattle version under lock and key at the moment. The difference is sometimes you see them, sometimes you don’t. 


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