Denver Broncos

Super Bowl XLVIII Isn’t Here Yet, But It’s Mighty Cold In “New York”


Before I get to the actually point of this post, a reminder for all of the good media folks out there.

Super Bowl XLVIII is actually in New Jersey…not New York. So, when you say Super Bowl XLVIII is taking place in New York…that’s inaccurate.

Try this…”Super Bowl XLVIII will take place in the New York area.” 

Anyhow, when the Denver Broncos roll into town, they’ll probably be saying a weather-related prayer.

At the moment, the average temperature on February 2 is a high of 39 degrees with a low of 20. That isn’t necessarily conducive to a gonzo 400-yard passing day by Sheriff Peyton Manning and friends.

Meanwhile, much of New Jersey was hit with a snowstorm on Tuesday that dumped up to over a foot of snow in many areas.

As of 9:15 tonight, it was 12 degrees in East Rutherford, New Jersey – where MetLife Stadium is located.

It’s ok though, folks. Roger Goodell said he’ll man up and sit outside.

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