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The John Travolta Name Generator With All 32 NFL Head Coaches


During Sunday night’s Academy Awards, John Travolta embarrassed himself by calling “Frozen” singer Idina Menzel, “Adele Dazeem” prior to her performance for the eventual winner for Best Song.

In the aftermath of Travolta’s gaffe, Slate.com posted a John Travolta name generator based off of the “Stayin’ Alive” actor’s error.

Of course, that means it’s time to use the generator to figure out the Travolta names of each NFL head coach.

My personal favorite?

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett as Jackson Granite. Now, THAT is a head coach’s name.

AFC East: 

Bills: Doug Marrone – Daud Moozure

Dolphins: Joe Philbin – Jude Phillips

Jets – Rose Reez

Patriots: Bill Belichick – Blair Bailerey

AFC North: 

Bengals: Marvin Lewis – Martin Lezwis

Browns: Mike Pettine – Mackenzie Prizeef

Ravens: John Harbaugh – Jan Herward

Steelers – Mike Tomlin – Mackenzie Thompseen

AFC South:

Colts: Chuck Pagano – Clark Parkinsmack

Jaguars: Gus Bradley – Guy Berzy

Texans: Bill O’Brien – Blair Orteez

Titans: Ken Whisenhunt – Kian Warshington

AFC West: 

Broncos: John Fox – Jan Florzes

Chargers: Mike Riley – Mackenzie Morphay

Chiefs: Andy Reid – Ayden Reez

Raiders: Dennis Allen – Denis Allorn

NFC East: 

Cowboys: Jason Garrett – Jackson Granite

Eagles: Chip Kelly – Chris Keezy

Giants: Tom Coughlin – Theo Cozzins

Redskins: Jay Gruden – Jia Grizeen

NFC North: 

Bears: Marc Trestman – Mia Thompseen

Lions: Jim Caldwell – Jai Crawzford

Packers: Mike McCarthy – Mackenzie Morphay

Vikings: Mike Zimmer – Mackenzie Znyder

NFC South: 

Buccaneers: Lovie Smith – Louise Smoith

Falcons: Mike Smith – Mackenzie Smoith

Panthers: Ron Rivera – Roan Riveera

Saints: Sean Payton – Struan Pertersorn

NFC West: 

Cardinals: Bruce Arians – Bryce Ajams

49ers: Jim Harbaugh – Jai Herward

Rams: Jeff Fisher – James Feesher

Seahawks: Pete Carroll – Phoebe Crawzford

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