Mad Men Recap: “The Strategy”

The Big Lead

Peggy and Don dancing

“The Strategy” traces the formation of the ad pitch from start to finish. We begin outside Burger Chef, with Peggy conducting field research. We finish inside Burger Chef, with Don, Peggy and Pete “celebrating” the finished product. Like some of the best work of seasons past, the pitch reduces Don and Peggy’s pain to a fundamental level and channels it toward selling a product. It is about families, and the longing for one. So is the episode.

Roles are reversed. Megan is flying cross-country to visit Don. Scurrying around the apartment cleaning, he’s the one who seems more desperate to make it work. He feels more at home with her there. She doesn’t need summer clothes. She is moving her “things” to her new life. As Don relates to Peggy, he fears he doesn’t have anyone.

Pete gets a rub on the plane

Pete returns home to visit his daughter. He has left New York, but New York…

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