Month: July 2014

LeSean McCoy On Cover Of SI; Says He Owns The Cowboys

LeSean McCoy is riding high these days. The Philadelphia Eagles running back showed off a Rolls Royce prior to the start of training camp last week.

LeSean McCoy Shows Off His Burgundy Rolls Royce

NFL rushing king and championship belt holder LeSean McCoy arrived to the Philadelphia Eagles’ training facility in style today. McCoy showed off a shiny burgundy Rolls Royce – perhaps a gift to himself for his tremendous 2013 efforts as he led the Philadelphia Eagles to the NFC East title […]

Bad Moments In Wrestling Race Relations: Vol. 1

The internet wrestling community was abuzz two weeks ago over an article that appeared in The Atlantic about the WWE’s problem with race and a lack of a black world champion. Soon after the article popped up, Dion Beary (the article’s author) even appeared on Grantland’s Cheap Heat podcast to […]