Kevin Kolb

Kevin Kolb Arrested In Texas


The Texas Parks and Wildlife department arrested former NFL quarterback Kevin Kolb on intoxication while boating chargers last Saturday

The ex-Eagle, Cardinal, and Bill signal-caller was arrested in Willacy County, Texas for boating while intoxicated. Kolb was last seen in the NFL in 2013 as a member of the Buffalo Bills. He left a preseason game against Washington with a concussion and never returned the rest of the season.

Kolb, who is out of the league now, is the second former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback to get arrested during the last six months. Back in December, former Eagle Donovan McNabb received a DUI arrest in Arizona.

Of course, Kolb and McNabb played with Michael Vick, who served prison time from November 2008 to July 2009 for his involvement with dog fighting.

Thus, on a totally random historical note, all three quarterbacks for the 2009 Philadelphia Eagles now have an arrest to their credit.


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