New England Patriots

Aaron Rodgers & The Packers Made Tom Brady Lose His Mind

It’s certainly not uncommon to see the emotional side of Tom Brady. However, during Sunday’s 26-21 loss to Green Bay Packers we saw the future Hall of Fame quarterback turned up to 11.

Brady, who approaches Jordanesque-levels of competitiveness, clearly wanted Sunday’s game against the Packers.

Throughout Sunday’s game, CBS cameras caught Brady frothing at the mouth with f-bombs waiting and ready to fire.


Was it because he went head up against the odds-on-favorite to bag the NFL MVP award in Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers?


Was it because his team lost a hotly-contested battle that stands as a potential Super Bowl preview?


Or how about both reasons?

You damn betcha.

While the Patriots entered Sunday’s game as the AFC’s number one seed. By no means, are they in the clear for home-field advantage; and losing Sunday further indicated that.

Yet, Sunday’s game at Green Bay served as a supreme challenge as to where the Patriots stand in the NFL landscape.

As most suspected, they are right there at the top but maybe just a step or two behind the Packers at the moment.

And clearly, that ate Tom Brady alive on Sunday.

Unfortunately for the Patriots and many other teams these days, Aaron Rodgers seems to have that impact on opponents.

It was as if Rodgers had the Patriots on a leash…


Ok, maybe not like that but you get the point.

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