Cleveland Browns

Johnny Manziel Party Shows Rookie QB Is On Fast Track Out Of NFL


When the Cleveland Browns face the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, they’ll do so shorthanded and perhaps due to their rookie quarterback’s increasingly legendary bad decision-making skills.

A report states that Manziel hosted a party on Friday that resulted in a late evening for the former Texas A&M quarterback and possibly some of his teammates, who also attended the party.

The soiree’s aftermath has not been pretty. The Browns had to send their security team to Manziel’s home on Saturday since he missed treatment for his injured hamstring.

Interestingly enough, star receiver Josh Gordon was late for a team walkthrough on Saturday and was subsequently suspended.

While Gordon brings his own set of problems, being around Johnny Football doesn’t appear to help him much.

It’s becoming increasingly evident that this whole NFL thing may not be for Johnny Manziel. When your first-round pick says he needs to take his job seriously, that’s a major problem.

Maybe Manziel just isn’t NFL material. It would be one thing if fellow Browns talked about how hard he worked throughout his rookie season. Thus, it would make his first two starts easier to stomach.

Instead, Manziel is basically treating the NFL as he did Texas A&M. It’s Johnny’s world and everyone else is just living in it.

There are plenty of veteran quarterbacks with skills that labor to put it together on a weekly basis. Just ask Jay Cutler.

Unfortunately, Manziel seems too content on throwing parties and getting people to like him rather executing a simple concept.

Bill Belichick said it best…”just do your job.”

Apparently, that simple, mundane concept can’t be grasped by Manziel.

He doesn’t get it and it appears as if he never will.

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