Cleveland Browns

Pete Carroll Super Bowl Call Replaces Cleveland’s Red Right 88 As Worst Play Call Ever


We’re a week removed from Pete Carroll breaking the football world in two after the ill-fated slant pass that was intercepted by Malcolm Bulter in Super Bowl XLIX.

Routinely lauded as the “worst play call in Super Bowl history” and on the short list of worst calls in NFL history, Carroll’s gaffe vaults ahead of another infamous moment in NFL history.

During the 1980 NFL playoffs, the Cleveland Browns hosted the Oakland Raiders in the divisional round. Late in the fourth quarter, Cleveland trailed 14-12. The Browns mounted a drive to the Oakland 13.

Instead of playing it out and kicking a game-winning field goal, Browns head coach Sam Rutigliano dialed up a pass play. Known as “Red Right 88”, Cleveland quarterback Brian Sipe launched a pass into the end zone that was intercepted by Oakland’s Mike Davis.

Game over. Season over.

A few weeks later, Oakland won Super Bowl XV.

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