New England Patriots

Tom Brady’s MVP Chevy Truck Officially Now Belongs To Malcolm Butler


The transaction of all transactions is finally complete.

Super Bowl XLIX hero Malcolm Butler collected the Chevy Colorado bestowed upon him by Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady and Chevy on Tuesday.

After days of wrangling and possible run-ins with the IRS over taxes, Brady and Butler finally completed the transaction that continues an amazing offseason for Butler after his heroic, Super Bowl-winning interception.

The transaction, which originally came up during Brady’s weekly interview with WEEI radio in Boston after the Patriots won the Super Bowl, makes sense on Brady’s end.

After all, do you really see Brady, Gisele, and the kids driving a Chevy Colorado?

No, no, and no.

Give it to someone who can actually use it and Butler falls into that category.

This is another notch in Butler’s rather impressive offseason belt. After going to Disneyland the day after saving New England’s season, Butler appeared on Sunday night’s Grammys award show on CBS.

It’s good to be Malcolm Butler.

He’ll never have to buy a drink in the New England area ever again.

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