Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo Made A Deflategate Joke During The ACM Awards

Romo6if there is one guy who shouldn’t rattle the cage of the New England Patriots (or any other fanbase for that matter), it’s Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

During Sunday night’s ACM Awards in Dallas to honor the best in country music, Romo played catch with singer Luke Bryan. Blake Shelton, who was also a part of the gag, asked if Romo was using a deflated ball.

Romo’s response?

“We’re the Dallas Cowboys, we have real balls.”

Of course, that Deflategate joke drew a collection of laughs since it took place at AT&T Stadium – the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

In other news, Tony Romo is 0-2 against the New England Patriots.

He’ll see them during the 2015 regular season.

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