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Here Are The 17 Best Games Of The 2015 NFL Season

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh SteelersThe NFL released its 2015 regular season schedule on Tuesday, which will commence in grandiose fashion when the Pittsburgh Steelers open against the defending, reigning Super Bowl champion New England Patriots in the annual Thursday night lid-lifter.

As we begin to delve into the 17-week regular season schedule, let’s take a week-by-week look at the 17 games you should focus on:

Week 1 – Baltimore at Denver: We’re going to learn a good amount about the Broncos in Week 1 and where they may be headed as a team with Peyton Manning another year older. They welcome the Baltimore Ravens, who were just a few plays away from playing in the AFC title game last season.

Week 2 – Seattle at Green Bay: The definition of a revenge game. Unfortunately, the Packers still may not be good enough to do anything about it.

Week 3 – Chicago at Seattle: Jay Cutler vs. The Legion of Boom….ROFL! This may be the GIF game of the year.

Week 4 – Kansas City at Cincinnati: The matchup to decide who will get blown out in the divisional round of the AFC playoffs is always a crucial one. This could be a tiebreaker game down the road.

Week 5 – New England at Dallas: Let’s see if Tony Romo will be Mr. Yukety Yuk prior to this game.

Week 6 – Denver at Cleveland: Yes, Indy plays host to New England but we know what will happen there. New England will either lose by 3 or win by 20. However, the Broncos/Browns meeting takes the utmost importance because it’s one of the greatest quarterbacks ever (and perhaps, the most anal, well-prepared quarterback of all-time) vs. Johnny Manziel, the dude who just returned from rehab and the guy who didn’t think being an NFL quarterback would be that hard. Hopefully, Manziel doesn’t start and is forced to take notes during the game with a number two pencil.

Week 7 – New York Jets at New England: Should we call this Revis Bowl I or Tampering Bowl I?

Week 8 – Green Bay at Denver: Aaron Rodgers meets Peyton Manning. I don’t care if Manning is using a hovercraft by that point, he better be on that field. In fact, are there gambling odds on this game even taking place? Seems too good to be true.

Week 9 – Philadelphia at Dallas: DeMarco Murray returns to Dallas since the Cowboys passive-aggressively opted not to bring him back. Here’s hoping Tim Tebow is still on the Eagles roster by this point. Tebow and Murray heading into Dallas would blow up Philadelphia sports talk radio.

Week 10 – Buffalo at New York Jets: With all due respect to the Super Bowl XLII and XLVI rematch between the Giants and Patriots…REX AT THE JETS…ON A THURSDAY NIGHT. This game will be a beautiful disaster.

Week 11 – Denver at Chicago: The John Fox Bowl. I’m guessing Fox and Elway will not exchange pre-game fist pounds before the game.

Week 12 – New England at Denver: The end is near…Brady vs. Manning XVII

Week 13 – Philadelphia at New England: Bill Belichick to Chip Kelly during their pre-game chat: “We’ve gotta stop letting Urban Meyer talk us into giving Tebow another shot.”

Week 14 – Dallas at Green Bay: A legion of disgruntled Cowboys fans will still insist Dez caught that ball.

Week 15 – Cleveland at Seattle: Manziel vs. The Legion of Boom…PLEEEEEEAAASSSSSSSEEEEEE?

Week 16 – Indianapolis at Miami: The loser of this game will have something negative happen to their playoff seeding.

Week 17 – Washington at Dallas: The NFC East figures to be another tight race. Don’t be surprised if the division race comes down to this game.

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