Undertaker Defeats Brock Lesnar At SummerSlam In Most Disputed Sports Ruling Since Dez Bryant Catch

TakerLesnarThe Undertaker toppled Brock Lesnar at WWE’s SummerSlam in Brooklyn on Sunday night in a disputed and controversial finish that will seemingly to setup a rubber match at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas next April at WrestleMania 32.

The talk of the Internet is regarding the controversial finish of the match. Taker tapped out while in Lesnar’s kimura lock but the referee didn’t see it but a timekeeper saw it and decided to ring the bell.

Charles Robinson, the referee assigned to the match, yelled at the timekeeper and eventually the match restarted. Then, The Undertaker locked Lesnar in the Hell’s Gate submission hold, which eventually caused the former Minnesota Viking to tap out:

The finish drew the ire of some fans in the Internet Wrestling Community but it clearly gave us perhaps the top gif of the year (or any year for that matter):

It’s evident this will the most talked about call since this happened…

DezCatchOr not…

Either way, you still didn’t complete the process, Dez.

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