Philadelphia Eagles

Chip Kelly Crying Foul Over The Terrell Suggs Hit On Sam Bradford

Eagles' Sam Bradford gets hit by Baltimore Ravens' Terrell Suggs in the first-quarter during a preseson game on Saturday, August 22, 2015 in Philadelphia. Suggs was pentalized on the play. ( YONG KIM / Staff Photographer )The Philadelphia Eagles are still highly unhappy over the treatment of Sam Bradford on Saturday night when Philly battled Baltimore in preseason action.

The play in question surrounds Bradford and Ravens pass-rushing maven Terrell Suggs’ questionable hit at the knees on the Eagles quarterback. After a handoff, Suggs barreled in towards Bradford’s surgically repaired knees. Suggs received a 15-yard personal foul penalty for the infraction. Luckily for Bradford and the Eagles, the former Rams quarterback did not suffer an injury.

While Dean Blandino, head of NFL officiating, proclaimed that the hit was legal due to it being a read-option play and that a penalty should not have been given out, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly disagreed with the assessment:

“He said it was a read-option play, but it wasn’t a read-option play,” Kelly said. “I know our quarterbacks can get hit on a read-option play, but not every run we have is a read-option run. We run sweep, power, counter, trap — all of those things out of the gun.

“Everyone in the league runs shotgun runs. Are they going to hit every quarterback in the league when they hand off in the shotgun? That’s up to the league. I think it would be troubling for the league if every quarterback in the shotgun can be hit.”

Did T-Sizzle show the slightest bit of sympathy? Not quite:

“If you want to run the read-option with your starting quarterback that has had two knee surgeries, that’s on you. That’s not my responsibility to update you on the rules. I could have hit him harder than that. I eased up.”

I’ll say this. If that is Mychal Kendricks or Fletcher Cox rolling towards Tony Romo or Eli Manning, are Eagles fans complaining?


However, I get the outrage from Eagles fans, players, and coaches. No one wants to see their starting quarterback knocked out for the year potentially due to another knee injury.

However, by the spirit of the rule, it appears that Suggs went by the book with the hit.

Does it look bad?


Believe or not though, Suggs acted within the letter of the NFL’s law.

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