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Live Game Blog – Bengals At Cardinals: My Super Ex-Girlfriend

DaltonCincyThe Cincinnati Bengals are fresh off their first loss of the season to the Houston Texans but still very much alive in the race for home-field advantage in the AFC.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals are 7-2 and are, at the moment, sitting with the second best record in the NFC.

Carson Palmer versus his former team from Cincinnati.

Let’s do it.


8:30 – Team Palmer is up first…

8:36 – Faced with a 3rd and 20 shy of midfield, Palmer uncorks his first interception of the evening. Leon Hall flips field position in favor of Cincy. It could be worse Cardinals fans, at least this didn’t happen when Palmer threw a pass:

8:45 –  Jeremy Hill kills the drive for Cincy following the turnover thanks to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for throwing a football at Frostee Rucker. Here’s the thing, that’s exactly why people don’t trust the Bengals. When times get tight, they make irrational decisions. Not all of the time, but most of the time.

8:50 – Can you imagine if this was the actual Super Bowl? Both fanbases would spontaneously combust by the fourth quarter.

8:55 – Palmer throws deep downfield and gets picked by Reggie Nelson. A dubious start by Carson Palmer. You can’t crotch chop people in 2015 and get away with it Carson.

8:57 – Carson Palmer adjace hits A.J. Green downfield on a long bomb in Cardinals territory.

8:59 – A Mohammad Sanu TD is negated by a holding penalty but not to fret Bengals supporters.

9:00 – Speaking of adjace figures, Rob Gronkowski adjace (Tyler Eifert) catches a short TD pass from Dalton to give Cincy a lead.


9:05 – In the interest of fairness, there is counterprogramming opposing Bengals/Cardinals tonight…



9:13 – Good news for Cardinals fans. They are in Cincy territory and look like a professional football team again. Meanwhile, NBC shows an interview where Palmer talks about his divorce with the Bengals. I don’t know about Palmer. Seems like a surly dude.

9:14 – He must have heard me. Daniel Fells makes an 18-yard TD catch off a sweet throw by Palmer.


9:17 – One of the craziest things about the Bengals? Their last playoff win came in 1991.

To put this into perspective, Warren Moon missed this game due to injury. He was inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006. That’s right. We’re approaching the 25th anniversary of Cincinnati’s last playoff win.

9:22 – I digress. Dalton runs for a first down as Cincy cranks up a drive following the Arizona score.

9:24 – The Bengals are out here leg whipping people. 1st and 25.

9:26 – The Cardinals turn a 3rd and 19 into a first down for Cincinnati after a defensive holding call.

9:31 – A.J. Green and Patrick Peterson are having a battle tonight. Green makes a catch near the first down sticks in Cardinals territory.

9:37 – Gio Bernard rips off a long run after catch inside of the Arizona 5.

9:39 – Jeremy Hill scampers in from two yards away. Bengals have outplayed the Cardinals. NBC USES FLOCK OF SEAGULLS AS A BUMPER.


9:46 – Next Arizona drive does little as first half heads toward a conclusion.

9:47 – One big problem for Arizona tonight? Outside of their TD drive, very little in the way of offensive rhythm. They’ve looked pretty sloppy.

9:48 – Cincy packs it in heading into halftime…


9:49 – In semi-related news, my favorite female wrestler has regained the Divas title. Well done, Charlotte.




10:00 – Bengals get the ball to open the third…

10:04 – Bengals get a gift illegal contact penalty from the Bengals to extend a drive but can’t do anything with it. The drive should have continued but officials missed a blatant helmet-to-helmet hit on A.J. Green.

10:10 – Cardinals need to wake up here…

10:12 – …and they do. Palmer to J.J. Nelson from 64 yards away. Much needed big play from the Cardinals’ offense, who slept walk through nearly the entire first half.


10:18 – Bengals go three and out on next drive.

10:21 – NBC shows the Bidwell family. Decades earlier, the mention of the Bidwell family would send a cold chill down people’s spines. Not so much anymore.

10:23 – By the way, Dalton has opened the second half a cool 0 for 5.

10:25 – Cardinals cap another scoring drive with a TD toss from Palmer to John Brown.


10:28 – He busted this out against the Eagles during his rookie year. Yet, I’m still trying to figure out what this dance is from John Brown.

10:32 – Bengals open next drive with fumble by Gio Bernard. Cincy hops on top of it.

10:37 – Now THIS is the type of performance people were expecting from both sides I feel. Bad pass protection leads to a terrible drive for the Bengals.

10:42 – Cardinals take full advantage. Palmer to rookie David Johnson on a 16-yard rainbow.


10:46 – The time is now for Cincinnati. Need a drive before this game gets out of control.


10:54 – The Bengals are marching into Zona real estate. Now, inside the 10.

10:57 – Jeremy Hill scores for Cincy again to make it a game once again, which causes NBC to play Stevie Nicks for some reason.

10:58 – No offense to Stevie and Tom of course. This is a spectacular song.

11:02 – Cardinals drive unravels near midfield as the Bengals defense finally stops the bleeding and dodge a bad pass interference call en route to getting the ball back.

11:05 – Bengals blow up on a costly play as Dalton fumbles near his own 10. Arizona recovers.

11:11 – Arizona can’t punch it in but does enough to add on three more.


11:15 – Brandon Tate returns the following kick out of the end zone. As he races near the 50, he gets stripped and Arizona recovers. However, the Bengals get a break as the officials claim Tate was down.

11:18 – Despite the replay being a bit dubious, the Cardinals lose the fumble challenge. Bengals ball.

11:20 – While the Bengals are on the move, please contemplate what Aaron Rodgers means by legacyness.

11:23 – Dalton to Eifert again for another touchdown despite the tight end  taking a big blow. Eifert leads the NFL with 11 TDs. Give the Bengals credit. They will not go away.


11:28 – Cris Collinsworth just referred to a Bengals defender as one of his hammerheads. Is this a new thing or nah? Anyhow, a hammerhead helps force a punt from Arizona with just over two minutes left. Cincy ball near their 20.

11:35 – The Bengals are rolling as Dalton becomes the first QB in Week 11 to go over 300 yards passing. Bengals near the red zone…

11:36 – The drive stalls, which leads to a field goal try for the Bengals to tie it up with 1:08 remaining.

11:38 – Nugent knocks through a 43-yard field goal to tie it. Great job by the Bengals to come back when they looked absolutely dead midway through the second half.


11:40 – Cardinals have no timeouts but quickly work into Bengals territory.

11:41 – Back to back throws to Fitzgerald gets the ball to the Cincy 26. Awesome job by Palmer.

11:43 – Just as I was about to compliment the Bengals…they get called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for simulating the snap in an effort to get Arizona to jump. Instead of a 44 yard field goal, it’s about 32 yards away.

11:45 – Yahtzee.


SUMMARY: The Bengals drop their second straight game (the first time they’ve done that in two years) and all of a sudden, the Pittsburgh Steelers are lurking in the distance in the AFC North. As for the Cardinals, they handled their business at home effectively and still remain in firm control of the NFC West.

Until next week, when we bring you the long and anticipated battle of Brady vs. Osweiler I.

Here is some Bonnie Raitt for you depressed Bengals fans.


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