New England Patriots

Ndamukong Suh Almost Ended Tom Brady & The Patriots With Low Hit


Fans throughout the New England region (and possibly me too) gasped in terror during the first half of the Patriots’ lackluster 20-10 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

Tom Brady dropped back to throw and got plastered in the knees by Ndamukong Suh. Of course, Patriots fans are super-sensitive regarding TB12’s knees because…you know.

Bill Simmons perfectly summed up the thoughts of Patriots Nation with this pair of tweets:

Brady remained in the game until he was replaced late in the fourth quarter by Jimmy Garoppolo.

Another look at the hit shows that Suh’s intent may not have been to annihilate Brady. Right tackle Marcus Cannon got a piece of Suh’s facemask which caused him to fall into Brady’s legs.


Regardless of Suh’s intent, his low hit gave the New England region a near heart attack.

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