The Great Iron Mike Sharpe Passed Away


The WWE family lost former wrestler Iron Mike Sharpe, who died at age 64 on Monday.

Sharpe worked throughout the country but most notably with the WWE in the early 80s through the early 90s – primarily as enhancement talent.

Better known to wrestling fans as a “jobber”, Sharpe’s role was to make the stars of that era like Bob Backlund, Tito Santana, etc., look like a million bucks.

In NFL terms, a jobber would be a team that loses pretty regularly (just think the Tennessee Titans of recent vintage).

Sharpe played his role perfectly. His goofy, illegal black armband rarely worked for him. He made being terrible an art form.

If you ever need a Chicken Soup for the Soul moment about irrational confidence, check out this old Iron Mike promo.

He was totally oblivious to how much of a loser he played on-screen…it was pitch perfect.

Rest easy, Iron Mike.

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