nfl playoffs

Sunday’s Conference Championship Games Configured In Logo Form As WWE Wrestlers

RomanThis is simply marvelous.

Draw Play Dave from Uproxx Sports developed new NFL logos built around professional stars, mostly from the WWE.

For example, let’s take a look at the four teams that will participate in Sunday’s AFC & NFC Championship games.

The Denver Broncos:


My all-time favorite wrestler is Ric Flair, and this almost makes me like the Denver Broncos. From the wig to the sunglasses, this is spot on.

The New England Patriots:


This might be the most fitting. Much like the Patriots, John Cena wins…a lot. He’s a 15-time world champion. While the Patriots haven’t enjoyed as many titles, they are the standard-bearer of success in the NFL…and a lot of fans dislike them just like Mr. Cena.

The Carolina Panthers:



This logo is a nod to WWE champion Roman Reigns, who is sports entertainment’s flavor of the moment – much like Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

The Arizona Cardinals:


Named for WWE’s Swiss Superman, Cesario, the Cardinals are supremely talented but whether they can grab the brass ring remains a big question mark.

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