New England Patriots

Tom Brady Writes Heartfelt Thank You Letter To Fans


Despite losing the AFC Championship on Sunday, having an unidentified Broncos player admit to trying rub his man region on his face, Von Miller making a deflated ball joke and STILL having to deal with Deflategate again soon, Tom Brady showed his appreciation to his supporters on Wednesday.

Brady took to Facebook to express his gratitude for the support he and the team have received over the past season:

BradyletterPerhaps, the high note of the letter (besides the fresh looking “TOM BRADY” letterhead) is its final line.

“Our goal every season is to win the last game, but as I’ve learned, the road to the next one, is paved by season’s like this one!”

This adds to a positive off-the-field week for Brady that also included supportive comments from Broncos running C.J. Anderson, who received laudatory post-game praise from TB12.

When the day finally comes for Brady to hang them up, it’s going to be a sad day for football fans everywhere – even for the ones who don’t even realize it yet.

America, stop resisting. Brady is giving you chances to forgive him. Do what is right for this country and accept him into your arms again.


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  1. Tom. My name is Gary Morgan. I am a fan of yours Mr. Brady and the whole new england patriot team and organization. You did the best you can Tom, and it wasn t your fault. Im just glad you wasn t injured or hurt. The patriots did a good job and had a phenomenal season. God bless you Tom Brady. Sincerely Yours Gary Morgan

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