Cam Newton

You Make The Call: Is Cam Newton Trolling Peyton Manning With HGH References?

campeyton2Peyton Manning is gone.

As a result, a nation is mourning. The coverage of Manning’s retirement was likely watching a public funeral on television.

I yelled at the TV a few times over the past 48 hours to remind people that he is actually still very much alive.

Meanwhile, athletes are posting tributes all over the place including social media, where Tom Brady expressed his gratitude on Sunday.

Carolina Panthers quarterback and reigning MVP Cam Newton chimed in with his own Instagram tribute, which was a bit suspicious:

Newton’s Instagram post features the word “H1GH” on a couple of occasions. If you read Newtonese on Instagram, it’s common practice for him to use the number one instead of the letter “I”, which is bananas.

However, he uses the word high twice but in the way it’s done, the letters H-G-H standout.

Now, who knows about the sincerity of Newton with this message but if he is trolling Manning, bravo sir, bravo.

By the way, at the start of the 2016 season there is a good chance we’ll start without Manning and Brady.

That leaves Newton as your NEW FACE OF FOOTBALL.


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