Peyton Manning

Mike Tomlin Tells DeAngelo Williams To Cease Peyton Manning Hate


Why people thought this continuous ball-washing of Peyton Manning was going to take place without an answer is somewhat erroneous.

Yet, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin told running back DeAngelo Williams on Tuesday to stop posting disrespectful tweets regarding Manning’s terrible 2015 season.

Williams is right. Manning’s regular season play was something out of the 1987 strike season. He was terrible.

If you’re uninformed about Williams’ comments from Monday, let’s review:

Williams took exception to the high-level of Manning ball-washing by the media and went on the offensive:

If you don’t know emoji talk from that tweet, it basically states that Manning’s play was crappy and stinky.

Those tweets caused Tomlin to end his Twitter inactivity streak, which ran nearly five months:

I’m not mad at Williams. I appreciate him telling the truth. We need more people like that and less brown-nosing in the media.

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