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Presenting The 17 Must-See Games Of The 2016 NFL Season


There are 256 regular season games and plenty of good ones. For the first time since the 2002 season, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will not meet in a regular season game.

With Manning retired, what takes over as the league’s marquee QB matchup?

The early clubhouse favorite is Russell Wilson vs. Cam Newton, who will play in Seattle in Week 13. Two of the league’s brightest stars at quarterback could take the torch from Brady and Manning.

Oh by the way, missing from this list is the Osweiler Bowl when Denver hosts Houston on October 24. I have no interest in Osweiler scoring seven points against the Denver defense.

Anyway, here is a look at the games of the year:

Week 1: New England at Arizona – This game will be the first time New England steps foot into Glendale, Arizona since Malcolm Butler shocked the world in Super Bowl XLIX. More recent, it will pit the two teams that lost their respective conference title games last season. A potential Super Bowl preview? Plus, the CHANDLER JONES BOWL in Week 1!

Week 2: Seattle at Los Angeles – The return of regular season football to Los Angeles finds The Legion of Boom taking on Carson Wentz? If so, HAHAHAHA. Bloodbath City, baby.

Week 3: Minnesota at Carolina – Teddy B. vs. Cam Newton. I’m all in. Plus, it’s a meeting between two of the NFC’s best from a season ago. Clearly, Minnesota will need to learn how to beat the big boys if they want to make a postseason run.

Week 4: Cleveland at Washington – This is probably not going to be a good football game but with RGIII potentially under center for Cleveland, this will be a spectacle.

Week 5: Atlanta at Denver – The Broncos D against Atlanta’s passing game led by Julio Jones will be a sensational meeting.

Week 6: Cincinnati at New England – I’m going to put this down but we all know this will lead to a 38-17 Patriots win.

Week 7: New England at Pittsburgh – Many thought this would be the AFC title game last season. Instead a slew of injuries conspired to keep the Steelers at home come championship weekend. Insert comment about a possible playoff preview here.

Week 8: Arizona at Carolina – Incredibly, the NFC title game rematch is not on Sunday Night Football. Instead, we get Eagles vs. Cowboys #1,493,954 on SNF. Granted, when ‘Zona and Cam’s Dabbin’ Crew met in January it was awful. Let it be awful again with Al Michaels on the mic.

Week 9: Indianapolis at Green Bay – Aaron Rodgers may take Mr. Andrew Luck and the Colts to school in Lambeau.

Week 10: Seattle at New England – Well, you know.


Week 11: Green Bay at Washington – Green Bay ran Washington off the field in January during the NFC Wild Card round a season ago. Revenge time for the Redskins.

Week 12: New England at New York Jets – This only stands if Ryan Fitzpatrick is the quarterback of the Jets. If not, meh.

Week 13: Carolina at Seattle – Has Carolina permanently taken the torch away from Seattle as kings of the NFC?

Week 14: Seattle at Green Bay – The Legion of Boom are back in Green Bay for a second straight season to battle with Aaron Rodgers and company.

Week 15: Pittsburgh at Cincinnati – Cris Collinsworth is going to have a meltdown in the booth during this game talking about the undisciplined, crazy Bengals – the team he once played for.

Week 16: Minnesota at Green Bay – Christmas Eve action could feature a battle with plenty of meaning in the NFC North.

Week 17: Oakland at Denver – New Year’s Day finds the Raiders playing for the AFC West title…I hope! They are fun and exciting. We need the Raiders to be good again, folks.

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