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The Buffalo Bills Launch New Candidate For Dumbest NFL Subtweet Of The Year


Wednesday has been a newsworthy day due to Tom Brady losing his appeal and now facing insurmountable odds at getting his four-game suspension overturned.

Moments after the news hit Wednesday morning, the individual(s) responsible for the Buffalo Bills’ tweeted the following:

The tweet displays offensive lineman Richie Incognito pumping his fist and emphatically celebrating.

It’s pretty easy to guess that this tweet dealt with the Brady suspension news considering it came roughly an hour before.

Considering the Bills’ history of recent ineptitude, they need to focus on the field and not worry about trolling the New England Patriots and Tom Brady on social media.

As we’ve seen far too many times, Brady and the Patriots are not the people to rile up over anything…especially this.

In fact, the Patriot-centric replies to the Bills’ tweet make it pretty evident that folks are on the same page in regards to Buffalo’s social media tactics.

Buffalo last played in a postseason game during the 1999 season. Subtweeting and trolling folks isn’t the way to end that drought.

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