Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III Is Getting A Divorce; Now Dating Florida State Track Athlete

RGIIICleveland Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III is filing for divorce from Rebecca Liddicoat, his wife of three years.

According to reports on Wednesday, the couple, who had a child together in May 2015, is in the process of getting a divorce. Griffin and Liddicoat married back in July 2013.

While the cause is allegedly attributed to RGIII’s marriage hitting a wall, the interesting sidenote to the story is who Griffin is keeping time with these days.

He is reportedly dating Grete Sadeiko, a 23-year-old track athlete at Florida State University.

Neither is hiding affection for the other. Just like a man who is head over heels in love, RGIII already got her name tattooed on his forearm.


Can you wait until the ink on the divorce papers is dry before getting a tattoo? She’s attractive and what not but hold on playa.


Anyways, this season will be a bit of a referendum on marriage and NFL quarterbacks. Russell Wilson married Ciara this summer after getting a divorce over a year ago. He spent much of the lead up to the wedding talking about how they don’t have sex.

Then, they spent a part of the honeymoon talking about how they finally sealed the deal.

Now, Griffin is filing for divorce as well. Football will be a better place if RGIII can restore some of the magic he had back in 2012.

Maybe his head will be on straight post-divorce.

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