Rob Gronkowski

Yes, The New England Patriots Reportedly Authorized The Rob Gronkowski WrestleMania Appearance

GRONKOft-injured New England Patriots tight end/party boy Rob Gronkowski made news by appearing at WrestleMania 33 on Sunday and getting physical.

Gronkowski played a role in the finish of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which was eventually won by his friend Mojo Rawley.

Prior to the match’s conclusion, wrestler Jinder Mahal (or Hardbody Mahal as he is known in some social media circles) tossed a drink at Gronk while competing in the battle royal.

Gronk hopped the guardrail, went into the ring, and threw a massive shoulder block on Mahal, who was soon after eliminated by Rawley.

Moments after Gronkowski’s ring debut, I immediately ran to my phone waiting to see a text that read:


However, that message never actually materialized and according to Pro Football Talk, we know why:

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski obtained permission from the team before climbing into the ring, assuming a three-point stance, and blasting a fake-sport participants with a very real shoulder blow at WrestleMania 33.

Surprisingly, the Patriots reportedly granted permission to Gronkowski, who missed the final month of the regular season and the entire New England Super Bowl run with a back injury.

Of course, there is no way Bill Belichick will engage reporters in a discussion about this once mini-camps roll around later on this spring.

The best news out of Gronkowski’s foray at WrestleMania is he appears to be healthy and fully recovered from his back injury.

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