New England Patriots

Report: Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots Will NOT Play In Thursday Night Opener


While everyone continues to freak out over how porous Super Bowl LIII was on Sunday (it was not), an interesting news story may have slipped through the cracks in the aftermath of the New England Patriots claiming a sixth Super Bowl victory.

According to Pro Football Talk, in preparation for the NFL’s 100th anniversary celebration, the league is kicking around the idea of opening with the Green Bay Packers taking on the Chicago Bears. The reasoning centers on featuring arguably the game’s most storied rivalry.

If that decision takes place, the Patriots would likely open their Super Bowl title defense on the first Sunday Night Football game of the season. In that event, their pool of opponents would be the Bills, Dolphins, Jets, Cowboys, Giants, Steelers, Chiefs, or Browns.

Knowing the NFL, they would likely save that Chiefs game for November and there’s no way they’ll open with an AFC East opponent. Look for the Giants, Cowboys, Browns, or Steelers as a likely candidate. My bet would be the Steelers or Cowboys.

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