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The JMRA Football Podcast – EP 32: The Top 10 Teams Of The Super Bowl Era – Part 1

Prior to the beginning of the NFL’s 100th season, The JMRA Football Podcast will be celebrating the league’s anniversary through a special series of podcasts.

First, Derek Jones pops the cork on the celebration in the first of a two-part edition of The JMRA Football Podcast. Part one looks at the Top 10 Teams of the Super Bowl Era.

Among the topics discussed:

  • Why this is not a “greatest teams of all-time” list encompassing every team ever…
  • Which non-Super Bowl era team would have made the list…
  • The top five teams that DIDN’T make the list.
  • Did teams that didn’t win the Super Bowl manage to make the cut?
  • Are repeat champions better in their first year or second?

Part two of this special podcast drops later this week!

You catch up on previous episodes of the podcast oiTunes, Stitcher, and SoundCloud


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