Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries: Hail Murray

Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins set the football world on fire last Sunday evening when they combined for one of the greatest Hail Mary plays of all-time. Arizona’s last-second miracle capped a very informative (yes, I say informative) Week 10.

CARDINALS 32, BILLS 30: Of course, we know how this one ended and what it sounded like. For my money, considering the degree of difficulty for Murray’s throw, this Hail Mary attempt and catch rank right up there amongst the greatest last second plays in NFL history. Murray’s heave muted what would have been an impressive last-minute comeback win by the Bills via a touchdown pass from Josh Allen to Stefon Diggs. Instead, Murray and Hopkins had other plans.

Two subsequent notes on the “Hail Murray.”

  • My favorite Hail Mary attempt ever is still Kordell Stewart to Michael Westbrook to beat Michigan in 1994. College football, yes but still damn impressive.


BROWNS 10, TEXANS 7: I get this play but I don’t really get it. Nick Chubb runs out of bounds with under a minute left up three. The game is all but over if he keeps running. Whatever. May the football gods have mercy on your soul if you had the Browns with the 4.5 points. Oof.


GIANTS 27, EAGLES 17: The Eagles had won eight in a row against the New York Giants. Finally, Daniel Jones and the Giants did something about it.

Look, the Eagles are a total mess and are still favorites to win the NFC East but consider this:

The next five games for each NFC East team are very interesting. My takeaway? The Giants are the best team but the Cowboys (yes them) may win the division.

Anyhow, good on the Giants. They should have won the first outing but they were too busy tripping on the field and dropping passes.


SAINTS 27, 49ERS 13: One week after dismantling Tampa on national television, you had to know that the Saints would regress to the mean, and boy did they ever. Alvin Kamara carried them to a win after a long Sunday.

First, there was Adam Schefter’s report that the NFL would aggressively penalize the Saints for their maskless dance party after the big win over Tampa. Then, Drew Brees left Sunday’s game with injured ribs and a collapsed lung.

The injuries suffered by Brees will reportedly cause him to miss at least two weeks. I don’t know about you but the idea of a collapsed lung and football don’t exactly mix two weeks later.

BUCCANEERS 46, PANTHERS 23: Tom Brady and the Bucs bounced back after the Saints disaster. Tampa rolled up over 500 yards of offense including a 98-yard touchdown run by Ronald Jones. Meanwhile, Brady got back on track by throwing for over 300 yards and three touchdowns.

Tampa is truly the NFC’s wild card. They are the only team in the conference that has flashed big play offense and defense. Even the Saints resemble more of a “death by 1,000 cuts” approach than ever before.

RAMS 23, SEAHAWKS 16: So, are we heading back to a place where Russell Wilson doesn’t get MVP votes again? After setting the NFL on fire during the first eight weeks of the season, Wilson has been a turnover machine over the past four games.

Unfortunately for Wilson, Seattle’s defense may be the ultimate foil for his MVP campaign. While they were competitive on Sunday, the Seahawks D has a long way to go before being deemed Super Bowl-worthy.


STEELERS 36, BENGALS 10: The Bengals never really stood a chance against the now 9-0 Steelers, who assuredly will win the AFC North due to Baltimore’s struggles. Ben Roethlisberger threw four touchdown passes including two to Chase Claypool.

Speaking of Mr. Claypool, did you know he did not rank as one of the top 10 rookies in the NFL this season?


I believe former Baltimore Ravens receiver Torrey Smith explained this best on Twitter:

PATRIOTS 23, RAVENS 17: The New England Patriots surprisingly won a rain-filled Sunday Night Football outing against the Baltimore Ravens. New England didn’t do anything flashy. They just went right through the Ravens. The game’s highlight proved to be when Patriots head coach Bill Belichick talked to the weather gods and demanded the rain be turned on.

To the crowd saying the Patriots saved their season by improving to 4-5, hold your horses. The cluster of 6-3 AFC teams are going to be tough for the Patriots to overcome.


PACKERS 24, JAGUARS 20: Kudos to Jacksonville for making this a game far longer than anyone thought they could have.

RAIDERS 37, BRONCOS 12: Wow, that was a pretty awful performance by the Broncos. Congrats to the Raiders for taking full advantage of that mess.

DOLPHINS 29, CHARGERS 21: The first Tua vs. Herbert Bowl goes to Tua. Meanwhile, here was Justin Herbert’s view during the game:

LIONS 30, WFT 27: The Lions almost did some Lions things again by nearly blowing a big lead. Yet, once again though, the NFC East couldn’t get it done when playing non-NFC East teams.

VIKINGS 19, BEARS 13 (MONDAY NIGHT): Remember when the Bears were 5-1?

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