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Happy Birthday King!!!!!!!

It was on this day back in 1953 that Joseph Clifford Montana Jr. jumped into our lives. Little did we know that he would win four Super Bowls, two MVPs and have a blog named after his golden right arm. In other Montana news, his son Nick committed to […]

The Westbrook Affair

By the end of 2009, Brian Westbrook and I will have something in common. We will both be the tender age of 30. While I’m fine with hitting my next decade, the age milestone marks  perhaps the end of Westbrook’s run as one of the league’s great all-around […]

Video of the Day: NBA Finals!

Here is a countdown of the NBA Finals’ most clutch shots ever. As Game 1 of the ’09 Finals approaches later this evening, I’m hard pressed to choose a side. As a Sixer fan, the Lakers have humbled them in the Finals three times. Meanwhile, the Magic knocked […]

Video of the Day: Will and Conan

Last night featured the debut performance of Conan O’Brien on The Tonight Show. His first guest was Will Ferrell, who as typically provided more than a few laughs including calling Liza Minelli a communist.  Will finished out his spot by singing Never Can Say Goodbye, a tongue in […]