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Tale of the Tape: Jeremy Lin vs. Tim Tebow

Who knew that after winning his second Super Bowl in four seasons, Eli Manning would become a secondary sports star in New York City faster than you can say Mario Manningham? Well, thank New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin for such a development.

Tebowing Gets Tagged: Vol. XII

In honor of Tom Brady shredding Tim Tebow’s Denver Broncos on Saturday, we present a special Tebowing from Mr. Gisele’s alma mater. The Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan is the site of one of our final forays into Tebowing. As for Mr. Tebow, Saturday night was a […]

Tebowing Gets Tagged: Vol. X

That beeping noise you hear while looking at this pic is the sound of the Denver Broncos backing up their dump truck of a season into the playoffs. In the span of three weeks, Denver went from being media darlings to a team that looks like it’ll be […]