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Tebowing Gets Tagged: Vol IX

Tim Tebow played his worst game of the season on Christmas Eve in Buffalo, a 40-14 loss for the Denver Broncos. He threw four interceptions while facing a previously listless Bills defense that turned a competitive battle into a rout. Now, not only is Denver in danger of […]

Tebowing Gets Tagged: Vol. VII

The Tim Tebow bag of pixie dust isn’t quite empty yet after Sunday’s overtime win over the Chicago Bears, which brings us to our latest adventure in Tebowing. Last Saturday night, Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III won the Heisman Trophy and at some point during the festivities, this […]

Tebowing Gets Tagged Vol. III

Our latest adventure in Tebowing finds us back in the states and in San Diego prior to last Thursday night’s Raiders-Chargers contest. In honor of Tim Tebow completing just two passes on eight attempts in a 17-10 win over Kansas City yesterday, we present a Phil Rivers-inspired effort.

Tebowing Gets Tagged Vol. II

Last week, we began to tag these Tebowing pics from around the world in order to educate the general public about everyone’s favorite Denver Bronco, Tim Tebow. It wouldn’t be fair to solely acknowledge Tebow losses; thus, in the interest of fairness, we’ll celebrate his 38-24 triumph over […]