Terrible Towel + Buzzsaw = Ratings

The largest viewing audience ever for a Super Bowl witnessed Pittsburgh’s 27-23 win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday night, according to Nielsen Media Research. A record 98.7 million viewers tuned into NBC on Sunday, surpassing last year’s Super Bowl between New England and the New York Giants […]

The 10 Coldest Games of All-Time: Part I

Days before the Arizona Cardinals nearly applied a death blow to Steeler Nation, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, in conjunction with Coors Light, released its list of the 10 coldest games in NFL history. A panel of some of the NFL’s all-time greatest players narrowed their selection […]

The Dicky Lombardi Trophy

So, what does it say about the Super Bowl MVP, when he refers to the man the championship trophy is named after as “Dicky” Lombardi? According to the New York Post, Holmes referred to Vince Lombardi as “Dicky” Lombardi twice during a ceremony on Monday. Hopefully that mistake […]

Super Bowl XLIII: Yo Holmes and Pittsburgh McAulay

First off, congratulations goes out to the Steelers who were two minutes and change away from one of the biggest meltdown in Super Bowl history. All of their good fortune in the first three quarters (Harrison’s game-changing play, Terry “Pittsburgh” McAulay’s penalties, and Ben slipping away from Cardinal […]

Super Bowl XLIII Blog!- 4th Quarter

9:10PM- Good to see that this game is spiraling out of control. Another Arizona penalty puts the Cardinals into a 3rd and 13 situation. Warner then proceeds to throw six yards short to Hightower, which is incomplete. Bad officiating, no deep balls. Great. Game ovvve…well not yet. 9:16PM- […]

Super Bowl XLIII Blog!- 3rd Quarter

8:35PM- Well, geez. Ending Arizona’s first drive was a ridiculous call by Terry McAulay, who seemed as if someone was asking him a Trigonometry question when he tried to make a call there. Warner clearly tried to throw the ball but McAulay says Steeler ball. It’s thankfully reversed […]

Super Bowl XLIII Blog!- 2nd Quarter

7:09PM- If you had Gary Russell not scoring in a prop bet…YOU LOSE! He goes in from one yard out. Well, can’t say that I’m all that surprised. When the Cards don’t force turnovers and aren’t playing Jake Delhomme they’ve been relatively ordinairy in the playoffs. They have […]