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Curtis Painter and The Perfection Blues

The Colts have won one Super Bowl this decade. One. Not two. Not three. Not four. One. Thus, their philosophy of resting Peyton Manning and others because they might get injured has not exactly paid off handsomely.

More Belichick

[picapp src=”1/5/6/9/Patriots_Brady_Sacked_e3ec.JPG?adImageId=7619054&imageId=7057876″ width=”380″ height=”290″ /] According to research done on advancedNFLstats.com, the man was right. Under the circumstances, going for it, while jarring to see, is an understandable proposition. If his own team can’t get over what he did, than the Patriots have far greater problems than Belichick […]

Video of the Day: Deja Vu

The talk of the football world is the 4th and 2 Belichick call to go for it, which as a result ultimately did in the Patriots. For the unaware, there is a historical comparison to what Belichick did last night. Back in 1995, the Cowboys faced a similar […]

If the Left One Doesn’t Get You…

To the surprise of no one the New England Patriots placed the franchise tag on quarterback Matt Cassel as an insurance policy to the returning Tom Brady for the 2009 season. The possibility still exists that Cassel could be traded or signed by another team but they would […]