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The Ultimate Challenge

Mission Possible begins for the Phillies tonight in the Bronx when they try to take down the mighty New York Yankees in the World Series. While either fanbase will be massively disappointed with defeat, the true losers are Cleveland Indians fans. The Indians managed to trade away two […]

Two Minute Warning – Certified

As we stand days away from a potential Phillies-Yankees World Series and the biggest sports fan battle to hit the east coast in decades, it is time to issue a test. I’m declaring open season on all fraudulent fans; and as they say on the streets, let’s not […]

Once More With Feeling…

The Phillies slammed the Dodgers 10-4 to repeat as National League champions and get back to the World Series. Now, Philadelphia aims to become the first National League team since the ’75-’76 Reds to repeat as World Series champions. The Reds swept the Yankees in order to do so. […]

Young James.

[picapp src=”4/7/0/d/6f.JPG?adImageId=6225425&imageId=2336387″ width=”234″ height=”357″ /] Jimmy Rollins became just the third player in MLB postseason history to get a game-winning extra base hit with two outs. The Phillies are one game away from back to back World Series. However, the last win is always the toughest. Go Phils!!!

Cliff’s Turn

[picapp src=”f/1/0/f/National_League_Championship_3e9f.JPG?adImageId=6113824&imageId=6841399″ width=”234″ height=”476″ /] Phillies vs. Dodgers…Game 3…NLCS. It’s ok to open your eyes and watch Philadelphia.

Mr. Choochtober.

While it stinks to be a Royals, Pirates or Nationals fans, at least you’ll have a good heart and a stress free fall. The Phillies tested the limits yet again tonight, winning Game 1 of the NLCS 8-6. Go Phils!

Five Things You Should Know About The…Philadelphia Eagles

Instead, at points of the game, the Eagles could probably put Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, Jeremy Maclin (or Kevin Curtis), DeSean Jackson and Vick on the field in a variety of formations. This is going to create a massive problem for opponents potentially.

However, this isn’t the NBA and they aren’t the ’87 Lakers, where everyone could conceivably touch the ball during a possession. As Miami will find out, it will have high and lows. Ultimately though, the wildcat will not determine whether the Eagles can finally get over the hump.

We’ll Miss You Harry: 1936-2009

When I attended elementary school in the mid 80s, the Phillies and the Sixers were the first two sports teams I became interested in. The Sixers won the title in ’83, which was one of my first sports memories and the Phillies were a few years removed from […]