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Once More With Feeling…

The ultimate challenge looms...

The ultimate challenge looms...

The Phillies slammed the Dodgers 10-4 to repeat as National League champions and get back to the World Series. Now, Philadelphia aims to become the first National League team since the ’75-’76 Reds to repeat as World Series champions. The Reds swept the Yankees in order to do so. Some 20 years later, the Braves tried to repeat and faced the Yankees…that didn’t turn out so well.

Now, it appears the Phillies may have to go thru the Bronx to regain their world title. Fun times are ahead for the Philadelphia/New York area potentially. Let the good times roll.

Whatever you do though Phillies fans, just don’t fall off of a car.

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  1. Just wanted to point out that the Phillies would only be the first National League team to win the World Series for two or more consecutive years since the ’75-’76 Reds. The American League has pulled it off more frequently, the last team to do it being the Yankees from ’98-’00.

  2. jack,

    I should have clarified that in the original post. Of course, the Yankees won three straight from ’98-’00 and also ’77-78 as well.

    Phillies fans also remember the ’92-’93 machine from Toronto that defeated the Phils in six to claim its second straight World Series crown.

  3. Reaching the World Series in consecutive seasons is an incredible achievemennt, no matter how you look at it. The Phillies have certainly put together a very strong side – they just need their pitching to hold up.

    They must now be hoping that the Angels and Yankees wear each other out, so the fresh Phillies have a tired opponent with rotation worries next week…

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